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NEOPOLIA Rail - The skills hub for the rail sector

NEOPOLIA Rail is set to showcase its offer of integrated solutions along with some examples of its collaborative work for its fifth time at the InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin. The cluster operates as a one-stop shop for thirty industry trades and will launch a new “embedded and connected systems” offer. NEOPOLIA is relentlessly rolling forwards for the rail sector.



NEOPOLIA Rail showcases its capabilities at InnoTrans

“NEOPOLIA Rail is all about delivering integrated solutions – all the way from design to end product. Our strength as a cluster comes from our shared networking and collaborative approach, allowing us to tap into a wide range of skill sets”, explains Michaël Foucault, Vice- president of NEOPOLIA Rail.


The cluster has the flexibility to swiftly combine skills and expertise from various industries (aerospace, marine, energy...) to offer pioneering technological solutions for the rail sector. From the outset, it works alongside its customers and co-develops tailored responses for train interiors and for both structural (driver cabs for regional trains) and non-structural (inter-car connections) sub-assemblies.


“The NEOPOLIA cluster represents a novel solution for constructors and OEMs wishing to streamline and secure their supply chains: we act as a one-stop shop offering over 30 industry trades. We work with major industry players both in domestic and international markets”, continues Michaël Foucault.


Set up during the summer, NEOPOLIA Solutions SAS has taken another step towards collaborative contracting. The company operates as a contracting body dealing with financing and guarantees, and ensuring final delivery and customer relations.



Travel Catering & Comfort Services route

As a testimony of the cluster members’ capabilities, NEOPOLIA was selected by the InnoTrans trade fair to feature along its “Travel Catering & Comfort Services Route“ - a showcase of global businesses operating in the rail sector.



TGV L’Océane - SNCF

Alstom chose NEOPOLIA Rail and its members to help it produce an all-new and user-friendly club car for the TGV L’Oceane high-speed train, a technically challenging project that radically departs from anything before. Our wide range of industry skills clearly set us apart from the rest in the eyes of the constructor.

Nine partners* were involved in the project for 40 club cars, which have now been in use since December 2016 on the Paris-Bordeaux line and since August 2018 on the Paris-Nantes line.



NEOPOLIA Rail a forward-looking cluster with a future-proof offer

The rail sector is experiencing profound changes with digitalisation shaping the passenger experience, affecting the role of on-board personal and using new rolling stock.
Against this backdrop, we now offer solutions that include embedded and connected systems.


“With this offer, our objective is to help operators and constructors optimise their costs (through predictive maintenance) and ensure comfort and safety for passengers (information, on-board CCTV...) and train drivers (LiDAR technology...)”, concludes Michaël Foucault.

This offer applies to both interiors and structural sub-assemblies, opening the way for the mobility of the future.


Innovation spotlight on 2 of the 8 co-exhibitors**

  • DBM Technologies is showcasing its new patented fixing system for thermal insulation half-shells. It allows faster assembly of the parts to be insulated.
  • Rustin has developed a luminous door seal (patent pending) to indicate by a colour system if the train doors are about to open or close, thus increasing passenger safety.


*9 businesses for the TGV L’Océane-SNCF: eXcent France, Xadice Engineering, PIH, Navilline, Halgand, Polyecim Composites, DSO, SMTC and SLTS.

**8 co-exhibitors at InnoTrans: DBM Technologies, eXcent France, Fimor, Halgand, Jefmag, Nexeya Systems, Rustin and Soreel. 



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